Rabbi Osher & Sarah Feldman

Rabbi Osher and Sarah Feldman have been at the Gardens Shul for more than a decade and have been the driving force behind the rejuvenation and growth of the Gardens Shul. Warm, Passionate, Innovative and Dynamic, Rabbi and Sarah have endeared themselves to the community while creating a non-judgemental, welcoming space for Divine Worship, Spiritual Connection and Community Togetherness.

The popular Friday Night Live they launched in November 2007 has been a flagship monthly event for the Gardens Shul and has been emulated internationally.

Rabbi Osher hails from Sydney Australia and Sarah from Johannesburg. Both come from a long line of Rabbinic couples and their way of being reflects the ethos of the Gardens Shul; a deep respect for history and tradition while embracing and leading the way towards the future.

They are joined by their children Menny, Chaim, Laya, Esta and Rosa who are equal partners in their work for the community.

Rabbi’s take on life can be heard from the pulpit, at an engaging Shiur or over a cup of coffee. As for Sarah, she is always open for a DMC (Deep & Meaningful Conversation), otherwise you can join the thousands following her on Facebook or Instagram @rabbiswife

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