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Welcome to the Gardens Shul.

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Covid-19 Indemnity Form & Covid-19 Regulation

We hope to make your stay in Cape Town an enjoyable one.

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While you are here…

Check out the rest of our Campus

In recent years a magnificent campus has been built around the Gardens Shul, creating a vibrant hub of educational and social life in the original space where the South African Jewish community first began. The Campus is indeed unique in the history of Congregations anywhere in the Jewish world.

Opened by Nelson Mandela, the campus houses the South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town Holocaust Centre, Jacob Gitlin Library and Café Riteve a daily eatery open for breakfast and lunch, communal halls and community administrative centre. The City Sightseeing Red Tour Bus has a stop directly outside the campus. Don’t forget to bring your ID/Passport for smooth entry.

Where to stay

Where to eat

AVRON’S PLACE  19-33 Regent Road, Sea Point, Tel 021 439 7610.  Restaurant and take-aways.  Meat and Parev.    

CAFÉ B’TAYAVON @HIGHLANDS HOUSE  9 Gorge Rd, Highlands Estate Tel 021 461 1100.  Snacks and Light Meals. Milchik.

CAFÉ RITEVE  88 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Tel 021 465 1594.  Restaurant and take-aways.  Milchik. /

COFFEE TIME  20 Breda Street, Gardens, Tel  021 461 8414.  Breakfast, teas and light  lunches.  Milchik.    Functions: Steven Miller

GOLDIES DELI  176 Main Road, Sea Point, Tel  021 434 1116.  Restaurant and take-aways.  Meat and Parev.

KAPLAN CENTRE University of Cape Town Tel  021 650 2688.  Teas, lunches, take-aways and orders.  Meat and Parev.  Closed Dec & Jan 

THE PRESS  176 Main Rd, Sea Point, Tel  021  434 7724.  Restaurant and Bar.  Meat

BASKIN ROBBINS @ Mojo Market  30 Regent Rd, Sea Point All ice creams, ice cream cones, milkshakes and waffles are kosher, milchik Kosher Toppings: ONLY Crushed Almonds; Crushed Cashews; Fudge; Mini Astros; Mint Crunch. This is the ONLY Baskin Robbins store in Cape Town certified kosher by the BD. NB: Cakes are NOT KOSHER    

CRUMBS AND CREAM 16 Regent Rd, Sea Point. Tel  081 343 2761   All products sold in the shop are kosher, including tea, coffee, waffles etc  Biscuits and ice creams – Milchik; vegan ice cream & vegan biscuits  Parev.  This is the ONLY Crumbs and Cream in Cape Town certified kosher by the BD

NOA’S HUMOUS BAR @ Mojo Market 30 Regent Rd, Sea Point.  Parev

ONE JUICE Shop 1, The Regency, 90 Regent Rd, Sea Point. Tel :  083 677 5735  Cold & fresh pressed juices, smoothies, herb elixirs etc Parev – with or without BD sign.

THE DAILY PRESS Shop 2, Ocean Breeze, Cnr St Johns and Regent Rds, Sea Point Cold & fresh pressed juices, smoothies, herb elixirsetc Parev – with or without BD sign.  Smoothies – Milchik

AVRON’S PLACE: Meat & Parev   Tel  021 439 7610

BALABOSTA: Meat & Parev    Tel Sarit: 082 550 9388  Paula 082 899 0582

B.DELICIOUS CATERING: Barbara Saacks  Milk   Tel 021 712 6830

BERKIES: Meat & Parev    Tel  082 854 1865

CAFÉ RITEVE: Milk   Tel  021 465 1594

CAROLYN’S CATERING: Milk & Meat   Tel  021 461 9900

CLAREMONT WYNBERG SHUL: Milk & Parev   Tel  021 671 9007

COFFEERIGHT mobile coffee bar: Milk   Tel  082  859 2960 / 021 439 3862

COFFEETIME@ASTRA: Milk   Tel 021  461- 8414

GOLDIES DELI: Meat & Parev   Tel  021 434 1116

HADASSAH FRIEDMAN: Milk & Parev   Tel  083 346 1795

HIGHLANDS HOUSE: Takeaways Meat, Milk & Parev   Tel  021 461  1100 ext 268

MERLE RUBIN: Meat, Milk & Parev   Tel  021 439 1322

NORRIE CATERERS: Milk, Meat & Parev   Tel  021 510 5882

PREMIER HOTEL:  functions, groups & by arrangement Meat, Milk & Parev   Tel  021  430 3400                                  

SUIKERBOSSIE: Functions only Meat & Parev    Tel  021 790 1450


CHECKERS The Point, 76 Regent Road.  Tel:  021 430 4680

Kosher Bakery: All bakery goods sold over the counter are Parev & Pat Yisrael       NB: Bakery goods on the shelves in the bakery area or anywhere in the store MUST have BD sign, as non-kosher bakery goods are also brought in from other bakeries

  • Chickens: Frozen; Fresh; Roasted; Grilled. MUST have BD sign
  • Kosher Deli: Meat and Parev
  • Kosher Meat: Prepacked fresh meat with BD sign. (orders accepted)
  • Fish: Fresh; Minced; Fried fish
  • Kosher wines and grape juice
  • Section of imported kosher products

GOLDIES DELI 176 Main Road, Sea Point. Tel:  021  434 1116

  • Bakery: Parev & Pat Yisrael
  • Deli: Meat and Parev
  • Chickens: Roasted

PICK ‘n PAY Artem Centre 127 Main Road Sea Point.   Tel : 021  434 8987/8

  • Kosher Bakery:  All bakery goods sold over the counter are Parev

NB: Bakery goods on the shelves in the bakery area or anywhere in the store MUST have BD sign, as non-kosher bakery goods are also brought in from other bakeries

  • Chickens: Frozen; Roasted; Grilled. MUST have BD sign
  • Kosher Deli: Meat & Parev (there is also a non-kosher deli- look for the BD sign)
  • Kosher Meat: Prepacked fresh meat (with BD sign) Meat orders accepted
  • Fish: Fresh; Minced; Fried
  • Kosher wines and grape juice
  • Section of imported kosher products

SUPER SPAR  94 Regent Road, Sea Point.   Tel : 021  439 0913/4

  • Kosher Bakery: (2 bakeries in shop- look for kosher bakery) Parev & Pat Yisrael
  • Chickens: Frozen; Fresh free-range; Roasted. MUST have BD sign
  • Kosher Deli: Meat & Parev
  • Kosher Meat: Prepacked fresh meat (with BD sign); frozen meat (with BD sign)
  • Fish: Fresh; Minced. Fried fish available at kosher deli
  • Kosher wines and grape juice
  • Section of imported kosher products

SHOPRITE 365 Main Road, Sea Point.   Tel : 021  430 3360      

  • Berkies baked goods: taiglach, kichel, meringues etc
  • Deli items: Small selection of prepacked fresh meat, cold meats, schmaltz, chrain etc

SEA HARVEST 84 Regent Rd, Sea Point.   Tel  021  433 0860

  • Fish: Fresh and minced ONLY

Albany:  All bread (including sliced) MUST have BD sign.  Parev

Anat:    Pita range. Parev. MUST have BD sign   Tel : 021 552 8649

Blue Ribbon: check UOS website  Parev

Duens:  All bread (including sliced). Parev

Sasko:  All bread (including sliced) and rolls. Parev

Woolworths:   Bread and rolls. MUST have BD sign.  Parev